After almost four years, Taddong’s expedition comes to an end… (more information)

David and Jose will continue their activities from Layakk, whereas Monica and Raul will do it from DinoSec. If you want to stay informed about our activities, don't hesitate to follow us in our (personal and professional) webpages, blogs and twitter accounts:

Professional Services

Taddong - Professional Services

We tackle challenges whose level of depth and complexity demand our widest experience and skill set.

We carry out in-depth security analysis of complex infrastructures and new technologies, we investigate high business impact security incidents, we perform internal and external multiplatform penetration tests in mission critical environments, and we accept requests from customers that have very specific needs.

Training Services

Taddong - Training Services

Our belief is that knowledge sharing in the security field is a key element to achieve a more secure and safer information society. That is the reason why we have an extensive training offer available for our customers, always driven by the deepest technical level, and available in an ondemand and onsite format.

All our training courses are hands-on based, including a wide range of live demonstrations and practical exercises, because we are convinced testing is the best method to reinforce what theory teaches.

''I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.'' - Confucius

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