After almost four years, Taddong’s expedition comes to an end… (more information)

David and Jose will continue their activities from Layakk, whereas Monica and Raul will do it from DinoSec. If you want to stay informed about our activities, don't hesitate to follow us in our (personal and professional) webpages, blogs and twitter accounts:


Taddong - Core values

Taddong is a company established in Spain in 2010 with the purpose of improving customer's information security, by discovering and eliminating or mitigating the real risks that threaten their networking and information technology infrastructures.

To achieve this goal, Taddong's portfolio includes specialized information security services, requiring an in-depth technical knowledge and broad understanding of the information technology market, as well as training services, focused on providing customers with auto-defense skills.

Taddong remains at the forefront of the security market through continuous research and education activities.

The company core values, foundation for all its services, are based on the following main tenets: excellence, quality, honesty, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

Who We Are

Taddong is formed by:

  • David Pérez
  • José Picó
  • Mónica Salas
  • Raúl Siles

We are a team of highly skilled professionals in the information security field, with proven experience in different information technology areas, such as ethical hacking, external and internal penetration testing, incident investigation, forensic analysis, wireless communications (WiFi, Bluetooth…), network management and monitoring architectures, web applications, data storage architectures, mobile communications 2G/3G, mobile devices, Voice over IP (VoIP), new technologies, etc.

Throughout our careers we have achieved the following technical certifications: GSE - GIAC Security Expert, GCWN - GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator, GAWN - GIAC Auditing Wireless Networks, GCFA - GIAC Forensic Analyst. GCFW - GIAC Firewall Analyst, GHTQ - GIAC Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques, GCUX - GIAC UNIX Security Administrator, GSNA - GIAC System and Network Auditor, GCIA - GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst, GCIH - GIAC Certified Incident Handling Analyst, GPEN - GIAC Certified Penetration Tester, GSEC - GIAC Security Essentials Certification, CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional, AIS - HP Openview Network Services (Accredited Integration Specialist), AIS - HP Openview Systems and Servers (Accredited Integration Specialist), Infovista Certified Professional and EMC Proven Professional SAN Specialist.

What is the Meaning of Taddong?

Taddong - Diver

Surprising though it may sound, scientists assert we have a more in-depth knowledge of the moon and the outer space than the seabed.

At the West side of our biggest ocean, the Pacific, we can find the ''Challenger Deep'', the deepest surveyed point in the oceans, with an approximated depth of 11,000 meters (error margins aside). This abyss is located at the southern end of the Mariana Trench, which was named after the HMS Challenger expedition who discovered it in 1875. Afterwards, in 1951, the equally named survey ship, HMS Challenger, made the first accurate recordings of its depth: 10,900 meters.

The closest land to the Challenger Deep is Fais Island (Yap) and Guam (the biggest of the Mariana Islands group). The first Guam colony was established in 1668 by Spain, reason why Guam's offical language, Chamorro, is influenced by the Spanish language. In Chamorro, taddong (or tahdong) means deep, profound, serious, that which is very far below the surface.

Only three descents to the ''Challenger Deep'' have ever been achieved before Taddong was born; the pressure at this depth is more than 1,000 times that at the surface. The first one was a manned descent by Trieste in 1960, a Swiss-Italian bathyscaphe, measuring the depth as 10,916 meters. Trieste reached the ocean floor in the trench driven by Jacques Piccard (engineer, explorer, and oceanographer, who co-designed the submersible) and Don Walsh (marine officer), in the only manned mission capable of diving to that depth, an historic descent that took 8,5 hours. In 1995, the Japanese robotic deep-sea probe Kaikó broke the depth record for unmanned probes when it reached close to the surveyed bottom of the Challenger Deep, 10,911 meters, collecting samples from such an inhospitable place. Finally, in 2009, when Taddong started to see the light, Nereus (name of the God of the Sea in Greek mythology), an American hybrid remotely operated vehicle, descended to a depth of 10,902 meters without any external power or cable control from the ocean surface, collecting samples from the sea floor, and sending data and live video back to its mothership.

On March 26, 2012 (two years after Taddong's birth), National Geographic Explorer James Cameron made a record-breaking solo dive to the Earth's deepest point, successfully piloting the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER nearly 7 miles (11 kilometers) to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. More details about the expedition, the videos (...more), and the sub, are available on the website.

Our company and professionals offer advanced security services with the maximum technical depth, a similar challenge to the one accomplished by the previously mentioned expeditions, discovering and analyzing to unthinkable limits the information technology infrastructures of our customers, their security posture and hidden risks. From the beginning, we empathized with the multiple factors associated with the ''Challenger Deep'' and the commendable expeditions focused on its discovery: difficulty, extreme conditions, challenge, the need to overcome the established limits and explore new ones, plus the interest in the unattainable. Thus, we have adopted from the Chamorro language the term ''depth'', Taddong, as the name and emblem of our company.

Nereus' achievement, diving to such an extreme ocean depth, was heralded as "the pinnacle of technical challenges". In Taddong we are always motivated to reach that pinnacle, looking for new technical challenges, and getting to the required depth.

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